We keep up with the time – for almost 100 years

When our company was founded almost 100 years ago, nobody could imagine the breath-taking speed of change in the world of technology. New challenges keep generating new products. Then, now, and in the future. We don’t provide products off the shelf, but develop and produce innovative components and assemblies for your automotive and non-automotive applications. We benefit from our exceptionally high level of vertical integration that enables us to offer a variety of techniques from a single source.

FerrAl United – 10 strong companies coming together driving the future of our mobility

FerrAl United is bringing together independent category experts who collaborate to drive customers’ progress while providing comprehensive fully vertically integrated local support.


Creating precision – FerrAl United is your new Multi Materials Machined Solutions provider

We provide our automotive and non-automotive customers with tailored and innovative solutions at scale across our specialist businesses. Founded upon a group of portfolio companies focused on highly specialized metal parts solutions, we are positioning and developing ourselves as a vertically integrated provider with significant synergetic potential. Growing along the Automotive Metal Parts value chain, we are transitioning from a local specialist to a global player.

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