Founded in 1923 by Heinrich August Selzer

In 1923, Heinrich August Selzer founded a company in Hörbach that processed metal, which became the corner stone for the SELZER corporation. After his death in 1955, the business was continued by his sons Erich and Oskar. In the 70s, the third generation managed the company: Hans Joachim, Karl Heinz and Rudolf Selzer transformed “SELZER Fertigungstechnik” into a modern enterprise.

  • 1923: company formation

    Heinrich August Selzer starts producing screws and other iron parts.

  • 1928: move to Roth

    The production was moved to Roth as this location had a local railway connection.

  • The 30s: satellite warehouse Berlin

    Start of expansion in Germany.

  • 1948: 25th anniversary

    A good reason to celebrate with the staff.

  • The 50s: series production

    The series production changes production processes.

  • The 60s: a new administration building

    Another move was due because of lack of space.

  • The 60s: own delivery fleet

    Manufacturing and logistics from a single provider.

  • The 70s / 80s: increasing automation

    High volumes require more efficient production methods.

  • The 90s: the first switching dome is produced in series

    The first major assembly with more than 40 parts, most of which were produced by SELZER, is produced on automated assembly lines.

  • 2001: expansion Plant II

    Another move is looming.

  • 2005: a plant is opened in Brazil

    Globalization to supply our customers locally.

  • 2016: 70 years Plant Choir

    For 70 years, SELZER likes to sing!

  • 2017: a plant is opened in China

    Production of circuit components in Kunshan / Shanghai to supply the Chinese market.

Just as the requirements kept changing, so have the products changed over the decades and kept pace with the zeitgeist. It all started with screws, taper pins and iron parts. The 40s and 50s saw contacts with the automotive industry, for which we have produced standard parts into the 80s. As the production of simple parts was increasingly relocated to other countries, SELZER started producing components, such as the composite intermediate lever for Mercedes. Early 90s, we developed a method for producing fine blanked brake discs, which saved elaborate post-processing – a world first! As a result, SELZER was awarded the contract for the series production of an entire motorcycle drive shaft, which not only integrated the said brake disc. The company launched into the 21st century with the development of a gearshift dome – an assembly composed of more than 40 parts, most of which were produced by SELZER.

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